Misty Morning Glories
OFA: MF-6216G24F-PI
Cardiac: MF-CA989/24F/P-PI
Patella: MF-PA1104/24F/P-PI
Thyroid: MF-TH574/24F-PI
Cystinuria: Negative
CERF: exam 4/04 - folds
Introducing... Queen Misty.  This girl is one special lady to us.  Misty was to be my first show
dog.  Thinking I could handle her with no experience myself, I ended up ruining her for the ring.  
Everytime we went in, she would hang her head and act as if I was punishing her. I couldnt stand
to make her feel that way, so she instead is doing what she does best...having us wait on her
hand and foot and foot and foot. Misty has had two litters and has produced some very nice
pups for us. I, affectionately, call her 'Mitty Mama' She always makes me smile!  And ya know,
I would never let any of the other dogs know this, but Misty is my absolute favorite!!
Unfortunately, we suddenly lost our precious Misty not long before her 5th birthday.  Life will
never be the same without her, we all miss her terribly.  Click the link above to see my
daughters tribute to our beautiful Misty.